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Once you've registered, you will receive the login credentials directly on your email. With those you can login and your birthday you will be able to choose whether to become an author or not.

Choosing to become an author will automatically enable you a number of additional features, including the editorial platform and the history of your articles.

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Right Way Articles must be fully prepared on our & Acirc; editorial platform , taking care to follow the principles outlined in our & Acirc; Regulation . As soon as you enable your account as author you will be provided with your editor's references, which supervisor & agrave; All your activities & agrave; Editorial: from the preparation of the draft to the final revision, the editor potr & agrave; Take action to guide your work or you can consult him, via email or social network, to improve your experience on the Right Way.

On our editorial platform, you can save your drafts by editing the & Acirc at any time; title , & Acirc; & Acirc tested; and the & Acirc; Body & Acirc; of your article, as if you were on Word & reg; also closing the page, and going back to work later on. Make sure the & Acirc; & title Acirc; you enter both synthetic and explanatory; the & Acirc; & Acirc tested; represents a summary of the content of the article and serves as an introduction to the article itself; the & Acirc; Body & Acirc; of the text represents the content of your article and must be subdivided into paragraph titled, taking care to preview a summary in the hypothesis where the article is of a particular length.

Articles aspiring to be classified as & Acirc; scientific & Acirc; by our Committee must comply with all the requirements of art. 4 of our regulations, including the particular value and the original; Content, the presence of a rich bibliography and a great insight into the author's work.

Once you've completed your article, clicking on the & quot; Submit Draft & quot; button, you will send your work to your editor, which will include; The task of revising the content and approving it for publication. Verr & agrave; Paired an image to your article and the formatting jobs that precede the publication will be completed. Appropriate items will be published after about 4-7 days after delivery of the final draft, except that they do not cover topics of particular relevance; And therefore require more attention; immediately.

Certify your publication on Right Way

Through the history of published articles, each author has the possiblity to: To request the submission of a certificate attesting to the publication of the article. The certificate sar & agrave; Delivered via email in very short time and conterr & agrave; The certification of the publication, with the references of our magazine and the signature of the responsible manager, so that you can spend your work at every venue where you can find it; Legally used.