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TOYP Award 2017

JCI TOYP rewards five young protagonists.
Junior Chamber International (JCI) has offered young people from Campania who have been distinguished (in 2016) in Business, Personal Growth, Culture, Research and Volunteering.

He presented the award to President JCI of Salerno A. Ianniello, for the traditional initiative that has won five young talents, aged 18 to 40, having contributed to the progress of the territory, making promising positive changes.

Right path thanks to Dr. Alessio Giaquinto, is awarded the TOYP CULTURA 2017 prize with the following motivation:
"... for giving the world a new opportunity for knowledge, thanks to the creation of the Right Way Platform, thus declining on the cultural level JCI's words (learning, meeting and growing) ..."

A.G. "It was a great privilege to receive the award and to know so many talented and promising young people in key areas for the growth of our society, from volunteering to business, from personal growth to research.
I'm thrilled - as you will notice in live streaming on Facebook - I'm still convinced that collaboration and participation, sharing and sharing everyone's individual skills, can lead to important results that change communities in time We live.