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International law subjects and the REALITY of regional and international Courts

Right without might is an unproductive conclusion. After all, only through the demonstration that rights might be enforced on a Judicial System is that these can have the power to be respected everywhere, anywhere. Thus, it is mandatory the existence...

Autore(i): Diogo Miceli Alves Pubblicazione: Sab, 31 Mar 2018

The hearing of the minor victim of sexual abuse

The ”institutional” and "psychosocial" path [1] involving the minor victims of sexual offenses lies in a somewhat complex REALITY in which psychological, social and legal variables come together....

Autore(i): Loredana Vega Pubblicazione: Gio, 7 Set 2017

Juvenile deviance and the lack of maternal cares

Family represents the place in which every single person, from birth, learns the useful tools to join the REALITY through the introduction of behavioral reference models, to influence in many ways, the different types of socialization. In juvenile cr...

Autore(i): Loredana Vega Pubblicazione: Lun, 28 Mar 2016